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RF System Lab, a world-wide leader in remote visual inspection and manufacturer of the VJ-Advance, is proud to welcome new customers from the month of July in a multitude of industries. RF System Labís most recent client list includes companies from multiple industries, including Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Energy, Casting, and Food Processing. One of RF System Labís newest customers in the Food Processing industry is MillerCoors. MillerCoors is a leading US brewing company that is a ...Read More.
Learn about a reliable nondestructive testing method that can quickly inspect parts in 3D while maintaining very high accuracy. A very important stage in the manufacturing and production cycle of a part is designing and verifying a prototype. Very often in the medical, automotive or aerospace industry, we see very expensive and valuable parts being cut open to locate internal failures or to retrieve internal measurements. This certainly proves to be an issue, as such parts are left destroyed an ...Read More.
Applus RTD, the global leader in the provision of integrity technology services, is driving forward an innovative research and development program to incorporate augmented reality systems into its industry-leading technology range. To demonstrate the value and capabilities of the system, the company has integrated the technology into its RTD IWEX system, which allows detailed inspection and mapping of defects within critical pieces of pipework. It provides users with a 3D image of the ins ...Read More.
ShawCor (TSX: SCL.A, SCL.B) announced it has completed the acquisition of all of the outstanding shares of Desert NDT LLC, first announced on May 8, 2014, for a total consideration of approximately US$260 million. Desert NDT is the leading US provider of nondestructive testing (NDT), integrity management (IM) and inspection services for gathering pipelines and midstream infrastructure. With a network of 16 branch locations and more than 500 skilled technicians, Desert NDT is able to provide high ...Read More.
Olympus, a world leader in nondestructive testing technologies, is pleased to announce the introduction of the RollerFORM, a new ultrasound phased array wheel probe that has been specifically developed to facilitate high-quality, immersion-like ultrasonic testing of composites and other smooth-surfaced materials that are commonly used in the aerospace industry. An affordable and easy-to-implement replacement for full 2-D encoding systems, the RollerFORM also offers a viable alternative to immer ...Read More.
3D Engineering Solutions has agreed to form a strategic partnership with Nikon Metrology, Inc to create an industrial CT scanning laboratory and Center of Excellence, to meet the growing need for CT scanning engineering services. 3D Engineering Solutions (3DES), an advanced design engineering and metrology services company in Cincinnati, Ohio is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Nikon Metrology, Inc (NMI) of Brighton, Michigan. 3DES recently purchased two state of the art ind ...Read More.

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Arcadia Aerospace Industries

AAIís experienced full-time team of engineers and NDT professionals can work with your company to help define NDT requirements, machine design for custom inspection applications and help implement a qualified NDT Program within your facilities. Our team is designed to partner with clients to build longterm relationships that grow and evolve as the client core competency, program needs and business models do. In addition, AAI can help walk existing in-house NDT Programs through the process of
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Dye Penetrant and Mag Particle Fluids

Met-L-Chek Company has been a leader in penetrant-inspection technology for over 60 years, manufacturing NDT materials, contributing to specification development, and sharing technical insights through itís popular Penetrant Professor newsletter. Met-L-Chek was incorporated in 1952 by the late Loy W. Sockman, holder of the first USA visible dye penetrant patent. Loy Sockman helped develop the first version of MIL-I-25135. What We Do - Manufacture visible and fluorescent penetrants, magnetic p
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Higher Orbit Products, Inc.

This is the Hoplite365, the brightest, single-die, LED, ultraviolet flashlight available. With two models designed specifically for the demands of non- destructive testing, the Hoplite365 takes fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) illumination technology solidly into the 21st century. State-of-the-art, high-intensity LED's are now light years beyond the old red or green stereo power indicators from the 70's and 80's. Even auto headlights are switching o
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