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RF System Lab Video Borescope and Visual Testing

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8/27/2014: OH - Level 2 MT PT UT - XRI Testing
8/26/2014: IL - API 510/570 Inspector - Team Industrial
8/26/2014: TX - Phase Array Technician - Applus RTD
8/26/2014: NY - RT TECHNICIAN LEVEL II - Applus RTD

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Learn about a reliable nondestructive testing method that can quickly inspect parts in 3D while maintaining very high accuracy. A very important stage in the manufacturing and production cycle of a part is designing and verifying a prototype. Very often in the medical, automotive or aerospace industry, we see very expensive and valuable parts being cut open to locate internal failures or to retrieve internal measurements. This certainly proves to be an issue, as such parts are left destr ...Read More.
The Federal Aviation Administration recently released an Emergency Airworthiness Directive (EAD) to owners and operators of Bombardier, Inc. Model CL- 600-2B16 airplanes. The EAD CF- 2014-27, issued to correct unsafe conditions on the CL-600- 2B16 models, states the following: "There have been three in-service reports on 604 Variant aeroplanes of a fractured fastener head on the inboard flap hinge-box forward fitting at Wing Station (WS) 76.50, found during routine maintenance inspection. ...Read More.
SIUI, is pleased to announce the launch of our latest ultrasonic flaw detector, SyncScan! SyncScan incorporates the latest advancements in high-performance Phased Array and TOFD detection into one compact and durable unit. Upgradeable from UT to Phased Array or TOFD SyncScan is an advanced ultrasonic flaw detector, which can be upgraded with Phased Array and TOFD to satisfy various inspection requirements. Ultracloud Platform Ultracloud platform is a perfect combination of SIUI origina ...Read More.
Infrasense, Inc., one of the leading subsurface detection firms in the nation, recently completed ground penetrating radar (GPR) testing of select areas of a five-level parking structure in Rochester, New York. Corrosion of the post- tensioned steel within the concrete slabs, especially near expansion joints, was a primary focus of the subsurface investigation. Using a walking-based survey with a 1.6 GHz GPR antenna to provide higher resolution data, the designated survey areas were scanned in le ...Read More.
SGS was awarded a contract to provide comprehensive expediting, inspection and training services for Vale S.A. Based on its extensive experience and expertise, SGS is overseeing the sourcing, production and delivery of a conveyor belt, stacker, reclaimer and steel structure from China. Vale S.A., the diversified metals and mining corporation as well as one of the largest logistics operators in Brazil, has worked with SGS to complete two major projects recently. As a result of their successful p ...Read More.
RAI (Rope Access Inspection) has emerged as Rope Access Inspection expert for oil & gas companies in Cape Town. The company has assured IRATA approved safe cost-effective solutions for all difficult access & inspection needs. A seasoned name across the Cape Town rope access sector, RAI is an accredited IRATA Rope Access firm with certified knowledge in NDT testing & inspection. The company has been serving for 5 years now since its inception in 2009. Despite huge experience in serving a wide sp ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

ISeries Articulating Video Borescope
Medit Inc

This heavy duty 2 and 4 way articulating borescope is equipped with a water/oil/kerosene and aviation fuel proof, tungsten steel braided probe. The Sony CCD camera is built into the camera head along with bright ,etal halide light source for a crisp, high resulotion, well lit image, that is shown on a 6.8" TFT screen. The videos and images are saved directly to a CF memory card, or transferred directly to a computer via the USB port.
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Iris Proline portable Video Borescope
Medit Inc

The Iris Proline Videoscope is made with tungsten braided probe, that comes in a diameters of 4mm (0.16"), 6mm (0.24"), or 8mm (0.32"). This unit also features 4 way tip articulation, and lengths from 1.5m to 7.5m. This probe is connected to a 8.9cm high resolution VGA display monitor, that rotates on the videoscope handle, allowing for easy viewing during inspections. Bright LED lights are built into the camera head to ensure a well lit inspection area, video and images are captured by a
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Pegasus Push Camera
Medit Inc

The Pegasus features a 6.9mm diameter probe with 4 way 90 degree tip articulation allowing a full 360 degree rotation for veiwing or to help navigate corners. The water and oil proof braided stainless steel probe comes in 1.5m, 3m and 5m lengths. The camera head is equipped with a CMOS camera chip and high intensity LED lights to ensure a crisp well light video and images. These are displayed on a full color TFT 3.5" TFT montor on the base of the handheld unit. Video and images can be saved d
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