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Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Appoints Joe Agnew as Director of NDE Products 20-year Non-Destructive Testing Sales, Strategy and Marketing expert joins Structural Integrity Associates to foster growth within the TSU NDE Services Division For Immediate Release August 18, 2014 San Jose, California –Structural Integrity Associates announced that Joe Agnew joined the company as Director of NDE products based out of the Huntersville, NC office. In this newly created role, he will be responsible ...Read More.
The Benefits of Industrial CT Scanning in Additive Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping Reverse Engineering in Additive Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping With reverse engineering applications, Industrial CT (Computed Tomography) is able to capture internal external part geometry for 3D printing, laser sintering and rapid prototyping applications. For additive manufacturing applications the dataset is typically translated to a point cloud/polygon based file in formats such as STL, WRL, TXT, ...Read More.
A sold out exhibit hall, an audience of approximately 1000 engineers, managers, scientists, and operational personnel from the turbine engine community, and three days of technical presentations is what attendees can expect from the 2014 Turbine Engine Technology Symposium (TETS). The symposium is coming up September 8-11, 2014 at the Dayton Convention Center in Dayton, Ohio. RF System Lab is excited to be exhibiting at TETS for the first time and is looking forward to connecting wit ...Read More.
Learn about a reliable nondestructive testing method that can quickly inspect parts in 3D while maintaining very high accuracy. A very important stage in the manufacturing and production cycle of a part is designing and verifying a prototype. Very often in the medical, automotive or aerospace industry, we see very expensive and valuable parts being cut open to locate internal failures or to retrieve internal measurements. This certainly proves to be an issue, as such parts are left destr ...Read More.
The Federal Aviation Administration recently released an Emergency Airworthiness Directive (EAD) to owners and operators of Bombardier, Inc. Model CL- 600-2B16 airplanes. The EAD CF- 2014-27, issued to correct unsafe conditions on the CL-600- 2B16 models, states the following: "There have been three in-service reports on 604 Variant aeroplanes of a fractured fastener head on the inboard flap hinge-box forward fitting at Wing Station (WS) 76.50, found during routine maintenance inspection. ...Read More.
SIUI, is pleased to announce the launch of our latest ultrasonic flaw detector, SyncScan! SyncScan incorporates the latest advancements in high-performance Phased Array and TOFD detection into one compact and durable unit. Upgradeable from UT to Phased Array or TOFD SyncScan is an advanced ultrasonic flaw detector, which can be upgraded with Phased Array and TOFD to satisfy various inspection requirements. Ultracloud Platform Ultracloud platform is a perfect combination of SIUI origina ...Read More.

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The EPOCH 600 is mid-level, handheld ultrasonic flaw detector. Weighing only 1.68 kg (3.72 lb.), its horizontal case is built to withstand the rigors of very harsh environments. EN12668-1 plus features such as 400 V PerfectSquare tunable square wave pulser, digital filtering for enhanced signal-to-noise ratio. The EPOCH 600 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector combines Olympus' industry leading conventional flaw detection capabilities with the efficiency of a highly portable, intuitive instrument.
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OmniScan MX2
Olympus IMS

The OmniScan MX2 family of ultrasonic flaw detectors with touch screen interface offers increased testing efficiencies and powerful new on-board and PC-based software features, ensuring superior manual and advanced AUT application performance with fast setups, test cycles, and reporting. The result of over 10 years of proven leadership in modular NDT test platforms, the OmniScan MX has been the most successful portable and modular phased array test instrument produced by Olympus to date, with t
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NDT Training
American Institute of Nondestructive Testing

A new school has opened its doors in Baxter. The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing focuses on nondestructive testing, which helps assure that structural and mechanical components are functioning in a safe and reliable way. Technicians perform tests to find any sign of weakness. For example, students learn to inspect products like car parts or bridges for flaws like corrosion, stress cracking, failure and fatigue. It’s just one of five schools of its kind in the country, said D
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