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9/19/2014: TX - Need 8 Level ll UT Shearwave Techs ASAP - API-NDT SERVICES
9/19/2014: OH - Level III UT, MT, PT - Acuren Inpsectio
9/19/2014: TX - Level II RT State Carded Technician - Acuren Inspectio
9/19/2014: TX - TURNAROUND: API 510's Needed - Mistras Group, I
9/19/2014: OH - L1 RT - X-Ray Industries
9/18/2014: CA - TURNAROUND – Level II RT Techs - Mistras Group, I

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AIT is pleased to introduce the Ritec axial push rod camera system to our industrial customers for a variety of plant inspections. High resolution and well engineered push rod camera designed for inspecting pipes and tubes that are 1.5 to 12 inches (40mm to 300mm) diameter. This is the best choice for serious industrial inspections where resolution and durability are a must. 100 or 165 Ft push rod reels with several options are available. Applications for the new Ritec Axial push camera include ...Read More.
[Traverse City, Michigan] RF System Lab, a world-wide leader in remote visual inspection and manufacturer of the VJ-Advance (VJ-ADV) video borescope, would like to welcome a variety of new clients from the month of August. The newest purchasers of the VJ-ADV include companies from multiple industries, including Food Processing, Casting, Integrated Technology, and Power Generation. Joining RF System Lab’s newest customers in the Food Processing industry is one of the world’s larg ...Read More.
The IntACom project to develop a robot based system for rapid automated inspection of complex geometry composite components is on track for completion by the end of 2014. The TWI-led project, with the objective of increasing inspection throughput by a factor of four, will deliver a demonstrator system, capable of inspecting complex geometries, and with high throughput. In civil aerospace manufacturing, the increasing deployment of composite materials demands a high integrity and traceability of ...Read More.
In the marine and shipping industry, where steel corrosion is a constant challenge, Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauges play a major role in providing a solution to this challenge. The Cygnus Multiple-Echo technique has been recommended and endorsed by the world’s leading classification societies for measuring the remaining metal thickness through protective coatings. The Multiple-Echo technique provides accurate and reliable measurements, this measuring technique can sometimes be difficult to ...Read More.
Testing machine is the important infrastructure and tool for scientific research and application of materials. In January-July 2014 China produced 77,000 units of testing machines, up 14% year on year, with annual output expected to be more than 90,000 units. Its testing machine production is mainly concentrated in Liaoning, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu and other regions, especially Liaoning province boasts the highest output e.g. 48,000 units in January-July 2014, accounting for 62.4% of the to ...Read More.
RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, has announced exclusive availability of a new vision sensor inspection kit that enables the user to perform high-speed part inspection and quality assurance across diverse applications, such as sorting systems, assembly verification, alignment and rotation checking, and size and shape inspection. The Inspector I20 inspection kit comprises: a Sick Inspector I20 vision sensor; a 5 met ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

“Detection Wand” XT512 Portable Locator
Medit Inc.

The world's most portable inspection camera locator featuring 512Hz precision. The portable, digital locator boasts a lightweight, yet sturdy body, compact size, and one button depth measurement. The locator operates on the popular 512Hz frequency mode. Typically, the locator permits to read depths up to 2.5 meter depending on the strength of signal. The locator is equipped with an LCD display panel, which produces a clear digital readout. It also features as a graphic display and an audib
...Read More
SPARK XTR Adjustable LED Light Source
Medit Inc.

SPARK XTR is a new powerful LED light source for borescopes. It offers excellent illumination in regardless of any inspections conditions, due to a specially designed focal lens, one-button control over light output and portable design. The LED Chip is combined with a specialized focal lens to produce a better light intensity. The body is made out of high grade aluminum with anodized finish which makes the light handle not overheating after a long period of use. The device is very small i
...Read More
Portable UV Inspection Light for NDT
Maxxeon Inc.

The rugged MAXXEON WorkStar® 2003 NDT 365 nm UV Inspection Light is designed for daily NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) of metal parts and castings by technicians in a demanding inspection, manufacturing, industrial and maintenance environments. Weighing only 1 pound, the cordless, rechargeable light is very compact and is the ultimate portable UV inspection light. It uses the very latest high power UV LED technology to generate a bigger brighter beam, making your inspection job faster and more
...Read More

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