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RF System Lab Video Borescope and Visual Testing

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9/30/2014: CA - UT Level II Technician - Creative Human R
9/30/2014: CA - RT Level II Technician - Creative Human R
9/30/2014: CA - Concrete X-ray & G.P.R. Techs. wanted - Subsurface Imagi
9/30/2014: CA - Special Inspector/Engineering Technician - Salem Engineerin
9/30/2014: UT - Contract - API 510/570 Needed! - Mistras Group, I

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Industrial Computed Tomography better known as CT or CAT scan, is a nondestructive testing method that allows viewers to access scanned results in 3D. This technology is used for identifying internal failures or verifying prototypes. Using this particular x-ray technology proves to be beneficial over the use of traditional testing methods such as CMM. Used commonly in the aerospace, automotive and medical industry, CT has proved to be useful and effective for retrieving accurate data. The fo ...Read More.
NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition was recently named the fourth largest trade show in the USA. On October 21-23, this year’s NBAA is going to be taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The event, also known for being the world’s largest and most important business aviation event, will draw over 25,000 aviation professionals and feature over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services in the industry. RF System Lab will be amon ...Read More.
Today, local dignitaries and members of industry joined the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), the national regulator of welding professionals and companies across Canada, in opening the doors to its new Western Region Office in Nisku, Alberta. The 18,000 square foot facility will serve as a Welding Education & Training Centre of Excellence helping to support local industries need for qualified skilled labour by offering enhanced education, training and certification for welders, supervisors, eng ...Read More.
Pipeline integrity, laboratory services, engineering analysis, technical staffing, supply chain, SGS Ludwig and Geotechnical services are just some of the services SGS will showcase to visitors at this year’s International Pipeline Exposition at the Telus Convention Center, Calgary, Canada, from 30 September to 2 October, 2014. A first time exhibitor, SGS will exhibit its expertise of inspection tools and techniques through demonstrations at its booth. These will include: Ultrasonic Testing ...Read More.
In light of the launch of the WeldCheck and in an effort to make sure that we are always offering our customers everything they need for a complete Eddy Current Flaw Detection system, we have now introduced these Weld Test Specimen's to our range at ETher NDE. The specimen is ideal for a training school environment as well as the make sure that any team of Eddy Current NDT inspectors are fully up to speed with using the WeldCheck or another flaw detector before their shift. The details of th ...Read More.
The ROSEN Group has introduced the globally first 4" in-line inspection tool utilizing combined high resolution ultrasound technology for wall thickness measurement and crack inspection services. The new combined ultrasonic inspection services named "RoCombo UT-A/UT" comprises full coverage ultrasonic metal loss and wall thickness measurement as well as ultrasonic detection of circumferential oriented cracking within a single inspection run. Characteristic especially for the 4" inspection tool ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

Modular Rigid Borescope System with swivel lenses
Medit Inc

Medit’s line of rigid borescope with interchangeable objectives is a modular borecope system with many applications in changing industrial environments. The lens and German optics have been designed specifically for critical inspection, providing the customer with sharp, clear, detailed images. A built in focus ring allows adjusting to ensure the clearest image possible. Interchangeable rotating sleeves with different directison fo view can be connected to the rigid scope, the snap-lock conn
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ImagePRO HDMI camera
Medit Inc

The extremely portable Medit HDTV camera is ideal for applications which require a live view directly on a TV monitor. this camera is designed to work well with rigid and fiber optic borescopes, as well as microscopes. This camera is ready to use right out of the box, and does not require any additional software to set up. Connecting to the eyepiece is easy using a universal C-Mount coupler, it also some with couplers for use with microscopes. With the 1/3" 16:9 CCD image sensor, and true
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ImagePro TV Camera
Medit Inc

Medit's MTV Video endoscopy camera unit features a 1/4" Color CCD video camera chip, which provides a resolution of 760*490 and over 470 TV lines, and an analog output (RCA) to connect the camera unit directly to your TV monitor or USB capture box. This camera also features a 28mm focus universal eyepiece coupler to connect to all sorts of rigid endoscopes, fiberscopes and borescopes. Power for this unit is provided by a 12 volt power adapter.
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