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As new members to the rapidly growing team of highly qualified and experienced ACFM® operators, Peter Dunmore and Mark Loughran have now successfully completed their PCN ACFM® Level 2 training at Lavender International, Sheffield. PCN is a worldwide recognised personnel certification scheme in NDT methods, welding inspection and condition monitoring and is designed to set and maintain the highest standards for the proficiency of NDT personnel through independent assessment and examination. T ...Read More.
Energid Technologies today announced it has completed a major milestone by deploying software on the Articulated Inspection Arm (AIA) robot developed by the Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research (IRFM), of the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA), and the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP). A tokamak is a plasma confinement device that holds great promise for generating thermonuclear fusion. It uses a magnetic field to contain plasma, whi ...Read More.
Zetec, Inc. launched their New Logo and Website —while at the 34th EPRI Steam Generator NDE and Tube Integrity Workshop in Portland, OR Snoqualmie, WA (PRWEB) July 31, 2015 Zetec released a new look, still anchored with the company’s traditional blue brand name, with a new tag line; "The Inspection Advantage" and a new graphic image as part of the logo. The new brand was part of the website project which completely redesigned the company website’s look, content and structure. Zetec’s redesig ...Read More.
Rockwood Service Corporation Announces Acquisition of Applied Inspection Limited Rockwood Service Corporation, the global provider of non-destructive testing (NDT), inspection and related services, has acquired Applied Inspection Limited which was founded in 1984 and operates from four laboratories in Burton, Chesterfield, Ossett, West Yorkshire – and Glasgow. Applied Inspection Limited is a leading provider of NDT, materials testing and training services across a range of industries in t ...Read More.
Arctic Slope Regional Corporation ("ASRC") is pleased to announce the acquisitions of Arctic Pipe Inspection, Inc. of Houston and Arctic Pipe Inspection, Inc. ( collectively, "API"). Headquartered in Houston, Texas, API was founded more than 40 years ago by Royce Roberts to provide non- destructive testing of oil country tubular goods. API currently operates facilities in Houston, Texas and Deadhorse, Alaska providing electromagnetic, ultrasonic, weldline and mill inspection services to oil and ...Read More.
Olympus Introduces a Powerful Ultrasound Phased Array Solution for Easy Integration with Automated and Semiautomated Inspection Systems Olympus, a world leader in nondestructive testing technologies, has released a powerful phased array solution developed for easy integration with automated and semiautomated inspection systems. This advanced solution includes the new FOCUS PX, a powerful and scalable acquisition unit; FocusPC, a comprehensive data acquisition and analysis software program; and ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

Rigaku Corporation

Residual stress may be created during the manufacturing process of a material, or it may accumulate in a structure over many years in operation. In either case, this stress can have a serious negative effect on a product's quality, durability and lifetime. Accurate detection of residual stress is an important element of the quality control process and helps predict the service lifetime of products. In the past, if you wanted to make highly accurate residual stress measurements, you had to use a
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Viper S Portable Push Camera
Medit Inc

The viper S portable push camera is an economical choice in portable inspection equipment, as it is ideal for a wide range of applications such as inspecting ducts, pipes, wells, inside wall cavities during contraction or building inspections, sewers, etc. The 512Hz Sonde built into the camera head of the Viper S allows the head of the probe to be tracked underground, in walls, etc with the optional locator. The camera head has a high res CCD camera chip for the capture of crisp, bright, cl
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Phased Array and TOFD training
Global School of NDT

Global School of NDT is a member of the Olympus NDT Training Accademy and is offering Phased Array, TOFD, Advanced TomoView and Advanced NDT training programs. Forty hour PA & TOFD courses running alternate weeks in Houston with no minimum student numbers, costs are $1,250.00 per person per 40 hour course. Candidates should have a strong ultrasonic background and be preferably Level II or III certified. Company sponsored courses at your preferred location if required. Email to bob@gsndt.com
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