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4/24/2015: OR - Radiographer Tester (RT II) - EVRAZ North Amer
4/24/2015: TX - Mechanical Engineer - FFS - Misras Group, In
4/24/2015: OH - Predictive Maintenance Specialist - Mistras Group, I
4/24/2015: OH - Predictive Maintenance Specialist - Mistras Group, I
4/23/2015: FL - Various NDT - National Inspect
4/22/2015: OR - Level II NDT Technician - International In

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New developments of the company "Votum" include the robotic equipments for automatic NDT inspection. One of this equipments is "Roboscop" VTM-3000/AVIA designed for application in the aircraft industry. Roboskop VTM-3000/Avia is the functional and industrial prototype of eddy current and impedance testing applications in the aviation. The modern civil and special aircraft productions are impossible without applying light materials and constructions, which include the composite materials based on coa ...Read More.
Test Equipment Distributors, LLC (TED), a nationwide leading provider of nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment, accessories, and service has announced a new West Texas location with a partnership from GCI Sales and Manufacturing (GCI), a division of GincoCorp Inc. GCI, a well-established sales and manufacturing solution for the oil and gas industry, will provide distribution services and warehouse space to accommodate TED’s inventory of NDT supplies. GCI will implement pick-up and deliver ...Read More.
SGS is the first inspection company in Thailand to offer 3D laser scanning for tank calibration for the oil and gas and industrial manufacturing industries. SGS proudly announces to be the first inspection company in Thailand to offer 3D laser scanning for tank calibration, with applications in the oil and gas and industrial manufacturing industries. In Thailand, SGS carried out its first underground storage tank calibration (http://www.sgs.com/en/Oil-Gas/Project-Life-Cycle-Services/Services- ...Read More.
The American Institute of Nondestructive Testing is proud to offer the first online 40 hour industrial radiation safety training program approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services. "We've worked very hard to insure our online radiation safety program delivers what employers are looking for in a training program" Said Don Booth, CEO of AINDT. "Our program was reviewed over several months and found to be very effective in knowledge retention for students. Companies now have ...Read More.
Last November, when GE invested in the drone technology company Airware, Alex Tepper, managing director at GE Ventures, said his company wanted to be part of the commercial drone space and "help it grow." He’s made good on that promise. Last week GE became Airware’s first large enterprise customer for its brand new "operating system for commercial drones" called the Aerial Information Platform (AIP). "We are currently developing drone solutions for our customers," Tepper said. He said that d ...Read More.
The New Inspection System with Highly Adjustable Design is Called to Significantly Minimize Inspection Time and Increase Overall Productivity April 20, 2015 — Today, Medit, Inc. announced immediate availability of the new sophisticated pipe inspection robot from English manufacturers – Stormer S3000. The new device combines three critical features that clients always look for in a viewing device: high-performance, longevity, and affordability. "Stormer S3000 allows you to conduct long-range inspectio ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

INVIZ® Revolver 80

The Pipe Inspection Camera for pipe inspections and weld inspections from 3.15" to 39.37" inner pipe diameter. The Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® Revolver 80 provides an endless 360° rotating Dual Camera (90° side view & straight view) camera head with high power LED illumination. INVIZ Revolver 80 Pipe Inspection Camera for Orbital Weld Inspection, Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Remote Visual Inspection in refineries Remote Visual Inspection in tanks / vessels Remote Visual Inspection in pow
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Portable UV Inspection Light for NDT
Maxxeon Inc.

The rugged MAXXEON WorkStar® 2003 NDT 365 nm UV Inspection Light is designed for daily NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) of metal parts and castings by technicians in a demanding inspection, manufacturing, industrial and maintenance environments. Weighing only 1 pound, the cordless, rechargeable light is very compact and is the ultimate portable UV inspection light. It uses the very latest high power UV LED technology to generate a bigger brighter beam, making your inspection job faster and more
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Silverwing's Floormap3D with STARS technology is the highest performance Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) storage tank inspection system on the market today. Building on the best selling FloormapVS2i, Silverwing has developed surface topology measurement of tank floors using air-gap reluctance system (STARS) to provide discrimination between top and bottom surface defects, enabling tank engineers to determine the optimum repair strategy and improve risk life assessment (RLA) & risk based inspection (
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