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8/28/2015: TN - CWI & UT Level II Certified - World Testing In
8/28/2015: LA - Level II Carded Radiographers - Quality Inspecti
8/27/2015: MA - Fulltime Level II/II Radiographer - Mistras Group, I

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Stockholm, Sweden—(August 28, 2015) - The powerful Labino BigBeam with 9 UV LEDs and the compact Labino MidBeam with 4 UV LEDs are both handheld lights that are ideal for nondestructive testing applications such as MPI, FPI and general fluorescent examination. These two lights come both as battery versions or mains versions. Labino AB, has developed new versions of the above lights to comply with Rolls Royce Engineering Specification RRES 90061. The Labino MidBeam Aerospace RRES 90061 and the Labino BigB ...Read More.
Oceaneering is constantly pushing the boundaries on all fronts whether in outer space supporting NASA, or subsea developing inspection and intervention technologies. The most recent innovation is the introduction of a deepwater Phased Array ultrasonic inspection capability for subsea applications down to 3000m (10,000 feet). The new system is already validated for use by a number of Operators following trials carried out in Houston, Texas. The unique capability can speed up subsea asset int ...Read More.
Guideline of Quality Assurance for Steel Structural Fabrication/ Process of Steel Structural Quality Assurance/ Steel Fabrication and Quality Assurance/ Importance of Third Party Inspection for Steel Structural Quality Assurance under Welding Code AWS D1.1/ During steel structure fabrication a lot of issues are depended on the quality of fabrication. The lifetime of steel building can be varied depending on quality of fabrication. That’s why, NDT inspections are most important during fabrication to ...Read More.
Future Market Insights (FMI), delivers key insights on the global intelligent pigging services market in its latest report titled, "Intelligent Pigging Services Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025." According to the report, the global intelligent pigging services market is expected to register a CAGR of 6.3% during the forecast period (2015– 2025). Pipeline inspection gauges, also known as pigs, are devices used for inspection and maintenance operations of oil ...Read More.
A leading North-east storage and inspection firm has strengthened its drillpipe inspection team at its tubular supply base in Peterhead. Independent Oilfield Services (IOS), which was established in 2014, has appointed Richard Torliefson as its new drillpipe inspector and ultrasonic testing (UT) operator, increasing its headcount to 40. Mr Torliefson brings vast non-destructive testing (NDT) experience to IOS and is a certified magnetic particle (MPI), liquid penetrant (LPI) and UT inspe ...Read More.
Chemetall, a Global Business Unit of Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB), has introduced a new water-based penetrant for eco-friendly and process efficient fluorescent penetrant inspection. Britemor® 921 (W) enables bright and crisp indications on a wide range of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and non-porous ceramics, thanks to its very low fluorescent background and excellent wash characteristics. Chemetall's liquid penetrant testing product uses water as the main carrier wh ...Read More.

Product Spotlight

BondMaster 1000e

The BondMaster is a versatile, full-multimode instrument offering pitch-catch, MIA (mechanical impedance analysis), and resonance modes. Allows users to select the best method for a particular application and to test bonds and inspect a wide variety of composite materials. The BondMaster 1000e+ allows users to select the best method for a particular application and to inspect a wide variety of composite materials. Its high performance, light weight, and rugged durability make it the ideal choic
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Cyclops Zoom Camera
Medit Inc

Cyclops is a water proof portable inspection camera designed for inspecting manholes, tanks, pipes lines, and other remote areas the camera would need to be lowered into. The built in CCD camera has a powerful zoom feature to allow visualization of areas up to 60m away from the camera, and dimmer controlled LED lights allow the proper brightness to be achieved for any distance. Videos and images are saved onto an SD card in either MPEG or AVI format,and are also shown live on a 6.5" TFT colo
...Read More
Rad-icon SkiaGraph8™ PT
Rad-icon Imaging Corporation

Rad-icon proudly announces the general availability of the SkiaGraph8 PT, an expansion of its product line of Very Large Area (VLA) CMOS x-ray cameras. The portable SkiaGraph8 PT camera offers a rugged external housing for field use and supports x-ray energies of 10-160 kVp, which is ideal for medical and veterinary applications as well as industrial inspection applications such as the non-destructive evaluation of up to 10mm of steel or 25mm of aluminum. Consistent with the earlier products in Rad-icon's S
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